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DollBabyBagz was founded in Memphis, TN in 2006 as an outlet for it's creator to cope with the loss of both of her parents. With a focus of hand crafted, unique, quality leather products, DollBabyBagz has seen tremendous growth over the past 15 years. Whether is a clutch, handbag, cross body, fannie pack, or a custom designed piece, DollBabyBagz has what you need and desire.


My name is Tanisha James and I am the owner, designer, & creator of DollBabyBagz. What started as passing interest watching my mother, a Seamstress, as a child has grown to be my passion. Under her guidance, I made my first tube skirt with elastic at the waist, donned with pink Cadillacs I was hooked. She served as my inspiration until her death and my father's death in 2002. Since then, her spirit has watched over and guided me as I continue to evolve my talents.

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